Even the small haulier can contribute to a big crane

27 June 2022

25 years ago, Jørgen Bloch was offered the chance to buy a used muckaway truck. He took the chance, and so he became an independent haulage contractor and owner of the Danish company, JB Auto. Today, he has two craned vehicles and an auto repair shop and helps customers with all sorts of transport, lifting or service tasks. In addition, Jørgen has a particularly close co-operation with HMF in Galten, where his expertise within the crane world is welcomed. His input helps the company to constantly improve its truck-mounted cranes.

"We pick up where the big ones left off”

Jørgen Bloch is educated mechanic and became self-employed at the age of 18. However, it was by chance that he also ended up as an independent haulage contractor about 25 years ago.

"I happened to get an offer to buy a used truck with an HMF 1420 muckaway crane fitted. I thought to myself, "why not?", and became self-employed."

Jørgen was happy with his muckaway crane and felt in good hands with HMF. So when he needed another truck for his growing business, he reached out to his acquaintances at HMF in Galten. Today, he has two trucks fitted with HMF's 2820 loader cranes.

And there’s plenty of work for the two trucks. Demand is high, but Jørgen doesn’t want to expand the company further. He also owns the JB Auto - Bosch Car Service workshop, so he's happy with the way things are. Jørgen also believes that there are certain advantages to being small. “You can take on different tasks than the "big guys" can”, as he says.

"I usually say that we pick up, where the big ones left off," says Jørgen with a smile, adding, "There are a lot of jobs that the big haulage companies won't deal with – so we take care of them."

Jørgen says things as they are

Jørgen is a man who knows all the “right” people. He has a good co-operation with many hauliers and knows several HMF employees personally. This may sometimes be an advantage.

"Over the years, you build up a network and learn who you can count on. For example, I always call Jakob (Sales Manager - ed.) from HMF, because he says things as they are. That's something I can work with."

Jørgen himself is also a man who tells it like it is. That's why HMF sometimes asks for his expertise when the company needs input for improvements and new ideas in its ongoing development work. Because who knows better than the hauliers themselves?

"HMF is a company I can vouch for, so I'm happy to help where I can," he says.

And the help is much appreciated by HMF, who benefits from Jørgen's keen feedback. Jørgen doesn't mince his words, as it’s no secret that he has experienced crane problems during his many years as a haulage contractor.

"A crane has a rough life. All cranes break down at some point," says Jørgen and continues: "That's why the cable lift system, crane and truck body are only as important as the service that accompanies them. At least if you ask me."

For Jørgen, the most important thing is that he can move on quickly when problems arise.

"What happened?" "Where are you?" "We're coming!" That's something Lars [ Works Manager at HMF in Galten, ed.] is good at," he says.

"The great thing about working with HMF is that when something is wrong, I just drive to the workshop in Galten. And then they fix what needs fixing. Always!"

"If HMF doesn’t fit, no one does"

Jørgen has two craned trucks with HMF’s 2820s. Besides the nearby service, there's one primary reason why Jørgen in particularly swears by HMF:

"It's the chassis space requirements and weight of the crane. Quite simply! If HMF doesn’t fit, no one does!" says Jørgen with a smile.

For a truck driver who moves many loads of sand, gravel, tiles or whatever it may be on a daily basis, weight on the truck body really matters.

"If you think about it, every 12th -13th  truckload is for free, because you can carry extra loads. In the long run, that counts," says Jørgen.

"It’s also an advantage that the crane is very 'soft' in the boom system. It's almost like using a fishing rod," Jørgen concludes with a laugh.