HMF establishes new production set-up after fire and ensures continued crane production

With quick re-establishment of production and cooperation with subcontractors, HMF secures supply of crane parts for the crane production in Højbjerg.

On October 26, 2021, a fire broke out in HMF's production building in Galten, Denmark. Since then, the company has been working 24/7 to get an overview of the damage, clean-up, and look at alternative solutions. Through fast re-establishment of production and close cooperation with subcontractors, HMF has secured the supply of crane parts for the main production in Højbjerg so that crane production can continue without noticeable impact.

Efficient clean-up and coordinated teamwork enable continued crane production

HMF has managed to arrange a new production setup in just one week, so there will not be a noticeable drop in the company's actual production output. This is due to HMF's safety stock of subcomponents.

For this reason, several employees from HMF have been working side by side with recovery experts on cleaning up and rescuing machines, materials, and tools since the fire.

CEO Jens Seehusen Christensen is grateful to employees, emergency services as well as neighbours:

"I would like to thank our project team, as well as all the staff who have worked tirelessly over the weekend. They have made our ambition to start the production of subcomponents up during this week a reality!

In addition, we would also like to send a big appreciation to everyone from PWC Strategy&, Recover, their partners, and the insurance company, who have supported our clean-up work over the weekend. Last but not least, a big thank you to all our neighbours living near the facilities in Galten for their understanding of our situation and the clean-up work."

Strong network and several initiatives ensure supply to the crane factory

HMF has initiated several measures to ensure continued production of cranes. Among other things, some employees have been given temporary workplaces at helpful suppliers, and the production of parts has been moved to alternative locations.

According to Jens Seehusen, the quick comeback would not at all have been possible without dedicated employees and helpful suppliers:

"Our strong network of close partners has been very helpful. This means that we have the opportunity to temporarily move parts of our production to their locations, so we can ensure the supply of components for our crane factory in Højbjerg.

We may see small bumps on the road, but all in all, we do not expect the fire to have a noticeable impact on our delivery times in the long run. Should any customers, however, be affected, we will inform them and have a dialogue about it."

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